Premium closures solutions

01 Experience

At Moonshine Spirits we have more than 10 years of experience in the sector, offering the best service and providing closure solutions for small and large brands.

02 Solutions

In addition to providing closing solutions for different sectors, such as oil, water and juices, spirits, liqueurs and/or wines, we also work both nationally and internationally. At Moonshine Spirits, we focus on understanding our customer by providing the best solution to their needs.

03 Quality and efficacy

We design and manage projects committed to differentiation, design, quality and above all, customer service: fast, effective and safe.

04 Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability, reducing waste and waste, while also using unnecessary chemicals. In this way we promote the reduction of the carbon footprint using the best raw material and without renouncing the best quality of our products. We only use sustainable materials such as natural cork and aluminum, thus minimizing the use of plastic materials.

No matter what your project is,
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